It seems shocking to me that I had not previously come across Uppercase magazine. I found it while browsing in Chapters about a year ago and and well, fell in love. The thick pages, beautiful photography and gloriously delicious content make it a treat to hold and read. I bought my first copy and then hinted big time that it would be a 'great idea' for a Christmas gift for moi. 

Since then I have awaited each issue and when it arrives it feels like Christmas again. A subscription to this magazine is a must. The thing I particularly love is the fact that it reads more like a book than a magazine. There is minimal advertising (and starting with the next issue, there will be no advertising) and so much to read. It literally takes me the three months to read every bit that is in it. You'll find articles about unique graphic designers, inspiring stories about makers and their dreams about creating things, people with their collections (ranging from ticket stubs to type writers), and artists highlighting their latest work...each issue really is a master piece. 

And one of the absolute best things is that Uppercase is a Canadian publication. It was founded by editor, designer, and girl-wonder Janine Vangool in 2009 and inspires folks around the globe. The magazine is completely supported by subscribers, and Janine is continually coming up with unique ways for you to feel like part of the Uppercase crew. You can sign up for her newsletter o their website and hear about calls for submission, new books and publications, and other cool bits and bobs and she is into (like the fabric line she designed this year...beautiful!). 

You can order a subscription, or back issues on their website, or find the magazine at select bookstores. My suggestion is to buy a copy and then drop some not-so-casual hints for your Christmas list, that way you can enjoy it all year long! You might also want to share this with a friend...introduce them to Uppercase, it's well worth it. 

And now I'm off to make things....