Meet Jules and Tracy. 

Tracy likes to draw life the way it is; and the way it isn't. Superheros, Harry Potter and real life: babies, barfing and belly buttons. You name it, she'll draw it and make you laugh. Tracy creates fun art that she sells as prints and even an awesome children's story book. 

Jules is always making stuff. Crocheting on airplanes, painting thousands of dots to create maps, hot-glueing cool shit until her finger tips are burnt off. Jules likes to sell her awesome-sauce work but begins to feel deflated and thinks about calling it quits. Until one day when she meets Tracy. 

I'd like to say that these two cool gals met at an amazing market where they were just blown away by how indie and fabulous everything was. But that would be boring, and well, just a lie. Really they met because they were both complaining about how crap things were. Why was there no where cool to sell their fab stuff and connect with the local community? How come it was so difficult to find and meet other makers? 

Well my friends... A couple weeks go by and then they had a real 'light-bulb' moment. Why not create an awesome market where they could bring loads of cool makers togegether? Why not have delicious food? And hey, why stop there? Why not host workshops and art shows and other markets and loads and loads and loads of cool events?

And the rest history.