We found came across Kate's lovely woodworking on Instagram. Not only does she create lovely handmade work but she also runs workshops (check out her Facebook). We had the chance to meet up with her and find out a bit more about her process. 

Tell us a bit about what you do. 
I started wood working with my husband when he decided to build our dining room table. I helped out here and there and that's when I got the bug. A co-worker showed me a sign and said; "you could totally make this..." to which I replied "yes I could!". I started with small signs and custom orders and and grew from there. 
My husband helps with shopping for the right wood, sanding and the odd cutting. He's who I turn to when I don't know what I'm doing with a power tool. He's my live-in google when it comes to all things sawdust. I don't know where I'd be without him. 


What is your favourite part of 'making'?
My favourite part of making signs is using a nail gun! LOL I absolutely love when a customer gives me the opportunity to "do whatever". I also love seeing people's faces when they receive their order. 


What do you do to keep yourself motivated and interested in your work?
Support from local makers and friends is what keeps me motivated. Who doesn't love seeing the number of likes increasing on their social media? I never lose interest because I'm always learning new techniques and always coming up with ways to grow. 

What is the best advice that you have ever been given?
The best advice I've ever been given was; "just go for it". I had every doubt in my mind when I started this journey. I made signs to sell for seven months before I decided to turn it into an official business. 

What is your favourite step in the process of creating a piece?
My favourite step in creating a piece is attaching the frame. It's the final step and the most satisfying. 


Have other people supported or inspired you?
I've already said it but I'll shout it from the roof top that my husband is my greatest support. Without him behind me I would have given up very early on. I remember preparing for my very first craft show and wanting to quit so many times. He's the one that kept me going. My inspiration comes from my happy customers. The high I get from that is hard to describe. 

Share with us a quote or motto that you find meaning with. 
"It's about progress not perfection"


You can find Kate's work on Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, and at the upcoming 'Merry & Bright' Handmade Holiday Market.