We all know the feeling of starting something new, it can be overwhelming. I remember when I took part in my very first market, I had what felt like a million questions. What should my display look like? How would I pack everything up and get to the venue? How much stock did I need? Would I be ok there all day on my own? What if I didn't sell anything? How much change did I need to bring? I could go on and on.

The Makers North Emerging Maker Program is a scheme that supports makers who have been selling their work for less than a year. Applications are accepted with chosen markets. New makers can benefit from reduced priced tables and have access to advice from more established makers. We have a very friendly maker community here in Northern Ontario and this feels like a great way to encourage and support new makers. 

If you are a new maker, be sure to read through the information page for makers. And if you are a more experienced maker and are interested in mentoring a new maker, please be sure to tick the 'support a new maker' box on the application for. 

Ok, I'm off to make things.