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A Collection of work from Copper Cliff artist
Laura-Leigh Gillard. 

From April 30th until July 30th you can find work from talented local artist Laura-Leigh Gillard on display at Pinchman's Cafe & Artisan Bakery in the South End of Sudbury. The series features works depicting flowers, insects, and intimate objects found in nature.

All works are available for purchase, the only problem will be picking your favourite!


Born and raised in Sudbury; Laura-Leigh is a self-taught artist whose intricate work is truly inspiring.  Filled with gorgeous line-work and vibrant colours; her work shows a sense of love for the world around her. 


“My work is a cross between realism and illustration. I love using colour as an instrument to express my feelings about a particular subject"”
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2037 Long Lake Rd
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 6J9